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Admission/Discharge Results

stay on top 

of your patient's care with notify!
Prevent hospital re-admissions and comply with care management plans.

Physicians and hospitals want to reduce admissions to the hospital, and especially want to improve re-admission rates. Notify supports seamless transitions of care and enhances provider collaboration so you can be aware of what is happening to your patient in different care settings. This service also allows you to complete transition of care requirements.

Monitor your high-risk patients and take advantage of transition of care incentives.

Notify makes clinical data available and allows you to easily monitor and follow up on patients, especially those high-risk individuals who have been admitted to or discharged from a care facility. This service also helps you qualify for incentives based on meeting the requirements for the delivery of Transitional Care Management services through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Improve patient care and even affect healthcare costs.

You really can shorten the treatment time for your patients when you receive alerts because NOTIFY helps you make informed decisions about their care more quickly and easily. You may even lower healthcare costs for your patient by decreasing the length of their stay in the hospital and preventing their readmission.  

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