About Us

Dottie Howe

Director of Communications

Dottie Howe has 30 years experience in public relations and communications as well as journalism and education. She joined the Ohio Health Information Partnership in November 2010 with the responsibility of both communicating and marketing the innovative initiatives involved in health IT, including the adoption of electronic health records within the healthcare community and the creation of a health information exchange. Coming from the Ohio Department of Insurance where she served as the Fraud Protection Program Coordinator, she has experience in government collaboration and community outreach. She brought together five state agencies to reach out to seniors on all areas of fraudulent practices through on-the-road presentations, a new website and coordinated publications. She also assisted in the writing of federal healthcare grants and was excited to join an organization that will push health care forward in Ohio.

As a media relations expert, communications manager and speechwriter at the Ohio Department of Education for 11 years, she worked with the state superintendent, executive leadership, chief legal counsel and the public affairs team in all communications. Dottie also has experience as an education and feature writer at community newspapers in both Tennessee and Ohio.Shetaught entry-level journalism and published research at the University of Memphis. She started out as an English teacher in an urban middle school in New Jersey.

Dottie holds an M.A in journalism. from the University of Memphis, an M.Ed.in English education from Rutgers University in NJ and a B.A. in English from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Passionate about health care reform and community outreach, she strives to research and communicate to all audiences the benefits of a coordinated, electronic statewide system among state agencies, hospitals, physicians and others involved in a patient’s care.

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